So That's Why They Wanted Allsopp

And we thought United's finishing was wretched...


Does kind of explain why Danny Allsopp was in demand in Qatar though...


  1. Completely unrelated to this post, but on the night of the 2010 Expansion Draft, United is looking like it's building toward a 4-2-3-1 next season, with a central midfield of Simms, McCarty, and Boskovic. Assuming this comes to fruition, I'd like to point out the following three things about Clyde Simms:
    -He has a solid reputation as a defender and ball-winner.
    -He's even been used at center back in the past. I recall him being competent at the very least.
    -He really, really likes passing laterally and maintaining possession. That's his game.

    Knowing these things, and given the more forward-going tendencies of young Master McCarty, I'm intrigued by the use of Simms as a Zonal Marking-esque center half. I don't know whether Zayner is the right type of back to get forward in such a setup (and I'm assuming there will be another non-Burch fullback coming in), but if we did have the right fullbacks in position, my inkling (obviously) is that Simms could work well in such a role while we were in possession.

    Any thoughts from you, Senor Hund?

  2. We've got bigger fish to fry than attempting to emulate Barca, n'est pas?

    I'm more concerned that all of this is happening absent a coach and whatever tactical vision he may have...Oh, wait, silly me. I forgot that whoever comes in has to parrot the Payne party line and isn't allowed to have ideas of their own.

    Incestuous. Sinking. Ship.

    I hope I'm proven wrong, but I fear the worst.