Mighty Bull

Ngwenya, who turned out for Railstars before leaving for the US, was on Tuesday seen training with newly-promoted Chicken Inn.

“They (DC United) will be starting preparations soon, but I am still here, I have some stuff that I have to sort out,” Ngwenya said.

A source at Railstars, where Ngwenya was training last week told NewsDay Sport on Thursday that the player indicated he would be going back to the US in two weeks. (source)

"Stuff," huh? Not a great way to impress a boss known for commitment to the cause...

Also, Chicken Inn? Railstars? 

Bah! Both pale in comparison to last year's Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League (ZPSL) champions...Motor Action Football Club! The "Mighty Bulls"!

Hmm. Methinks Ngwenya was training with the wrong team as he looks to get his excuses in order for Olsen. Mighty Bull indeed...


  1. Handwringing much? Guarantee he's sorting out issues with his visa.

  2. Not really. It was more an excuse to trot out those awesome team names. Also, should a green card holder be having visa issues? (Genuinely asking; I'm no expert in how these things work.)

  3. Fair enough. I wondered if this was all about the team names after posting the comment, I'm just so used to fellow-DCU fans freaking out at every possible thing that it was an instinctive response.

  4. Oh, I'll certainly freak out when it's appropriate ;-).