Ooh! Shiny, Distracting Object (sigh)

Marketing? Money-grab? Shameless euro-poseurism? Jedi mind trick ("these aren't the forwards you're looking for...")?

All of the above.

But screw it. News is slow. In lieu of speculation on where the goals are going to come from this year, let's roll with the fashion angle and tea leaf strewn guessing-game nonsense, shall we?

Based on the banner graphic...

courtesy dcunited.com

...we're almost certainly looking at red as a primary color for the third jersey. You'll note that those three prominent black slashes behind the text are an enlargement of the adidas logo, but I'm guessing they're also a hint. I call black and red (hey! black and red? I've heard those colors juxtaposed before!) vertical stripes...

courtesy New Football Kits, Shirts & Jerseys

...though I've always had a fondness for rotating that 90 degrees...

courtesy FĂștbolita

...and the fact that the announcement comes at an auto show means that stripes may take away from the prominent VW logo, so a red with black sash version of this Puebla shirt (if it's not just plain red with black trim) might be a sleeper pick.

courtesy SoccerShopUSA.com

Of course, if Payne gets heavily involved, I won't discount the possibility of Cat In the Hat retro-chic to bring back thoughts of old glories...

...or some terrible silver, "We Win Trophies" abomination (cause you know that's the only silver we'll be wearing until we find somebody to bang them in—oops! Sorry, still wondering where those notional goals we'll be scoring are going to come from).

Anybody else got 2¢ and the energy to rub them together?

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