Pretty Much Says It All...


  1. No, that CANNOT be for real. Laughing out loudd!! What a joke! Sounds like a SNL clip for MLS fans.

  2. Daniel, dude ... seriously? That's the Onion, parodying the douchenozzle treatment MLS gets from ESPN's cadre of throwball sycophants.

    Loved the soccer guy trying to add some weight to the thing and being talked straight over. I've had buddies who worked for the Worldwide Leader in Sports; they say that it'll improve as the baseball/football hardcore - who started with the network in the 80s and have aged into leadership - get out of the booth. Apparently the younger generation play along, corporate hierarchies being what they are. We'll see, I guess.

  3. Hey Sean,

    I don't watch American TV, I'm in Lima, Peru ;)

    I wouldn't be completely surprised, however, I remember watching ESPN before and soccer in the States receives coverage like that...Very funny clip!

  4. Righteous, an international audience! ;-)

    Sean, I've heard the same noise from what I'll loosely pass off as "connections," but I'm of a similar, skeptical bent. There may be "soccer guys" loose in Bristol, but somehow I suspect they'll be steamrolled just like the dude in the clip for the foreseeable future.

    Both funny and painful because it's so true.