Injuries, Numerology & the Perils of Being Chris Korb

So I'm glancing over the latest Goffblog United injury roundup and feeling a little paranoid for Chris Korb. Not only is Zayner, the prospective starter at right back, still down, but McTavish, a utility man but putative right back, continues his concussion troubles as well. As a right fullback myself, that has me a little spooked.

But not as much as when I think of who else has been in that spot recently. Namoff and his concussion woes. Graye getting double-traded into oblivion in Houston. Kinda makes you wonder if trialing double-knee-damaged Barklage in the role is tempting fate a little too much, no?

And while we're on the subject of possible curses, I'd like to revisit my curse of the #2 theory (don't forget to visit the comments on that post for further info). For those that don't want to bother with the back story outlined in that post, I'll lay it out quickly...

I wore #2 for most of my playing career, such as it was, and noticed United #2's tended towards the lackluster (Peralta ... Stokes ...). As #2 is the "traditional" number of right fullbacks, the memory of this curse was stirred by the current right-back injury pox.

So naturally I went to see who's wearing #2 this year for United. Turns out there are only two jersey numbers between 1 and 31 that haven't been claimed. Namoff's #26 and ... #2.

Hmmm. Suspicious.

So if the curse can't hit #2, where's the next likely place it falls? Double the damage with double the twos, perhaps? Who's number 22? Oh dear...

I've got my fingers crossed for you, buddy.


  1. Julius James was #2... and he didn't make it thru pre-season... perhaps that is where the curse chose to strike...

  2. Good spot, Josh. Let's hope so, for poor Chis Korb's sake ;-)