Response, Partido Uno

No television, grainy internet feed, or even radio of the Open Cup qualie up here in the wild hinterlands of central PA, but I was biting my nails watching the final minutes unwind on Twitter...

Okay, so I wasn't exactly biting my nails, but it seemed like a thrilling enough finish. Two goals in the second period of extra time canceling each other out so Hamid could play the hero in PK's on his season debut. Given no video evidence, not much to say beyond: (1) our lineup looked weaker than it could have been, (2) Nowak's looked pretty much first-choice, (3) we advance, and the folks reporting live seemed to think we were carrying much of the game.

So we'll chalk that up to a good response to the unsavory end to this past weekend's match, though giving up an equalizer late in extra time when you're up a man isn't exactly the way to put the Mental Lapse Demons out to pasture, is it?

Oh, and before I forget...this one's for you, BDR.

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  1. Heh! The spontaneous laugh in the stands was awesome. Thanks for thinking of me!

    I've offered $100 to anyone who can provide a legit photo of Fred giving a thumbs-up with one hand to the provider whose pass Fred botches while grabbing his hammie with the other as the excuse why he botched the pass.