For Shame

Man of the Match?

For shame, United "fans." For shame.

Embellishment? Selling it? Unrepentant.

I, for one, am not buying, and not solely as a card-carrying member of the Fullbacks Union.

For shame.


  1. Pathetic stuff from Davies (especially the post-match smirking about it), and (as a pattern) it's making it hard to cheer wholeheartedly for him, like I want to.

    Not that this exactly contradicts the point of your post, but I was more outraged by the fact that not even a foul was called on Alexandre's ridiculous tackle on Zayner (though much encouraged by his post-match fine and suspension). Diving *could* ruin the game, but it's the absurd tackles that *have been* ruining this season.

  2. I alluded to that "tackle" in my previous post, though more as a commentary on the continued absurdity that is Terry Vaughn than anything else.

    The rough play is a strange one. We started the season with refs going way overboard, dishing the reds with reckless abandon, presumably in response to a league or federation mandate to cut down on the brutality. And yet, when rough play actually started crippling quality, technical players, the response from the whistlemen's ranks has been subdued at best.