As the game went on, we were pelted with anything you can imagine. At one point I was hit with a blowup sex doll. My friends were hit with coins, bottles, and beer. One of the USA fans in our section got hit with a bottle flung in from who knows where and turned to a security guard to complain about the lack of action, the security guard stood up on a higher seat, towered over the man and screamed “Turn around and watch the fucking game!” I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. Turning and looking up at the crowd all I could see between things flying at my head, were fights. I witnessed a USA fan walk past our section, face bloodied, barely walking, as if he was in a war zone trying to get his self to safety.
Ugh. More at The Sack Lunch.


  1. Thanks for the find. Last I knew, the Rose Bowl was still in the US, right?