Pack Your Bags, Gentlemen

I give up. Honestly.

How can you love a team, desperate for points in the playoff race, that takes a 2-0 lead at home to one of the worst teams in the league and conspires through a combination of catastrophic defending, a complete inability to retain possession, and, most damningly, sheer gutlessness in the face of adversity, to throw away two points?

So where should I begin?

Should I rag on De Rosario deservedly missing a critical PK after flopping for the call?

Should I point to the number of times Simms found himself behind the play or on the ground (including, crucially, slipping and losing the crosser on Angel's first, the goal that let Chivas back in the game?)

Should I moan about the number of hopeless balls to nowhere if not flat out delivering the ball to the opposition to have another go at a defense that seemed never to have been informed that it should close down opponents in the final third?

Should I expound upon how every sequence of lucid attacking play was matched by a half-dozen stuttering, stammering, cave-man-grunt-filled, monosyllabic abominations of counter-killing, backward-passing, turnover-filled idiocy?

Should I wonder how Davies stayed on the field so long despite a bloodless performance that saw him (1) display a miserable lack of crossing and passing ability, (2) single-handedly gum up the works of fantastic counter build-ups, and (3) flat-out give up on balls he should be chasing?

Probably. And that doesn't even address half of the heavily-underlined, rant-filled notes that I gave up writing just before the back line fell all over each other trying to make Angel feel young and useful again.

Instead, I'm going to do with this match reaction exactly what United did with this game, and by extension the 2011 season. Give up and go home. Hope they're used to it, because, come the close of the regular season, that's exactly what this shambolic lot is going to be doing.

Go ahead and pack your bags, gentlemen. I'll wait.

Absolutely pathetic.

(Go ahead, tell me, "it could have been worse," and watch my head explode.)



  1. Sigh. Like United, you're closing up shop too early.

    Which is not to say that you're wrong.

  2. I mean who's fault is this? Why does the team still play amateur like? I thought this was a rebuilding yr. When rebuilding there's bump on the road but u always go forward but United works backwards! But it has to do with United not filling those keys roles from the geco! Davies was and is a risk(more like advertising/marketing much like Castillo was)Davies without the help is just like a Luciano Emilio. All the new rookies shouldn't b staring, DC has 2 b careful with youth, u don't want to stunt their growth, United pretty much went the cheap route instead of going and getting key contributors, they settle for youths and incomplete products! At this point DC have done their objectives not b the worst team in the league! And the depth? ha ha! Burch depth? Really? DC has a kiddy pool depth going on!

  3. Eagerly await next post. :)

  4. Up now, Rob. We've been here before, haven't we?

  5. We have, but I think you greatly underestimate everyone else's Suck.