Comparing Lists

Goff’s version of the protected list is out, so I thought I’d stir from my hibernation1 to do some comparisons. (Revisit my list in four parts by hitting the links highlighted in the sidebar.)

  • On both lists: Willis, Jakovic, De Rosario, Kitchen, McDonald, Pontius, Quaranta, Wolff
  • Goff also protects: Korb, Woolard, King
  • I also protect: Boskovic, Brettschneider, da Luz

We’re in alignment on a number of points beyond the obvious (De Rosario, Kitchen, Pontius). Simms is too expensive and doesn’t fit tactically, Jakovic is a flawed but vital part of the back line, Woff likewise up top, and having a backup netminder you can depend upon, particularly with Hamid likely to be missing games for national duty next year, may seem frivolous, but is potentially key.

We differ on two major areas: Boskovic and which group of scrubs to go with.

I’ll concede that given his injury and contract situations, Boskovic seems an unlikely pick for Montreal, but I think you put him on the list for two reasons. First, Korb, Woolard, and King are the type of players you can replace easily. Sure, we may not have depth in those positions at the moment, but all have flaws for their preferred position (Korb’s aerial deficiencies, Woolard’s being 75% of a top-flight player, King’s inability to finish despite getting in great spots coming from deep) and the type of journeyman player you can find a ready replacement for. Maybe you don’t take that risk if you’re the FO, but I still think it’s easier to dig up another Woolard than another Boskovic.

The second reason is more nuanced and possibly reeks too much of pop psychology, but I think putting Boskovic on the protected list sends a signal to the team and the player that he’s a vital cog in the machine going forward. Maybe I’m putting too much stock in that. Maybe Boskovic doesn’t even know there’s an expansion draft going on. Whatever. My default position is always going to be to protect the players that are harder to replace (assuming they’re key to your plans moving forward).

Which brings me to the scrubs, where I really don’t have that much to say. You can take your pick of any two of Woolard, Korb, Brettschneider, da Luz, and King and make a fairly decent argument for their inclusion. If you project either Woolard or Korb as a starter in 2012, I guess you’d have to give them one of those spots2. Of that group though, I’d still lean towards Brettschneider and da Luz as potentially having the most long-term value, but then, I only play the home game3

  1. I tried to do a reaction post to the two latest USMNT friendlies, really I did. But who needs to hear more complaints about Beckerman's inadequacies and Klinsmann proving little better than a media-friendly, Euro-fied Bradley (when it comes to tactics/player selection). Sigh. So jaded. ↩

  2. Of course, if you’re sane, you’re furiously searching for better options at both spots and/or praying that Zayner finds a miracle cure for all that ails him.  ↩

  3. Football Manager, of course. I’ll have something coming regarding that in the near future. Probably. ↩


  1. Agreed. In entirety. Korb and Woolard are inadequate. At best.

    But I've lost any faith in Goff, really.

    Finally: yeah, DCU with FM2012 is a lot more fun than...uhm, anything else I can think of right now.

  2. Alright, I'm gonna get all FM-tastic here ... is Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink really available on a free right now? Because damn, by his numbers in my game he'd be a great, low-cost DP for most MLS teams. (Yes, he's doing well for my Chicago.)

    On topic ... how old is Brettschneider? 23? If I saw his game on a 19-year-old it'd be exciting. It's sad, to me, to think of Simms as done in DC - he played with a lot of dignity on some miserable teams - but yeah, he's done.

  3. Strangely, my current DCU-save features a streaky De Rosario and a Charlie Davies that can't stop skinning defenders and banging them in the net (misses as many chances as he takes, but we create so many chances that it doesn't matter in the end).

    Those should be flipped, methinks.

    Brettschneider is 22 (23 in April). Korb just turned 24. My gut tells me Brettschneider can contribute going forward. These same innards are far less sanguine (now there's an image!) about Korb. We shall see...