Sporran Not Included

Okay. It's not just me. I've asked a few people if this thing looks like it should be worn with a kilt and have 100% agreement.

Wait a minute...Isn't Beckham intent on leading Team Great Britain at the London Olympics this summer? What better way to get the Scots on board with his leadership, eh?

So...has anybody seen the "shorts" the Galaxy are supposed to wear with this abomination?


  1. An' w'n we sell on tha' wee Irish bastard Keane we c'n goo ainfer Darren f**king Fletcher an' 'is f**ked colon. Sell haggis balls a'th' stan'! Breelynt.

    1. Thanks, Robert (can I call you 'Rabbie?) Burns. ;-)

  2. I think they could go tighter....

    What's with the extra badge above the adidas symbol? The extra star over the emblem and playing with a special ball isn't enough recognition?

    And on the issue of adidas.... I'm sick (and tired) of the three stripes all the way down the sleeves of EVERY kit in MLS. Originality would be nice. Okay.... we get it.... Adidas has the kit deal. Overkill. I was a fan of the DCU kits w/ horizontal stripes across the chest. Just incorporating it a little different. C'mon Adi!

  3. That's the MLS scudetto patch (sigh...I know).