The Dudar Abides

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"Communication on the field is of the highest importance, especially at defense where one has the chance to see the whole field," added Dudar in a post-match Spanish interview. "One has to try to more or less keep things organized. Ethan and I spoke before hand about talking more and it seemed to work."
Leaving aside for the moment why communication wasn't being preached to the back line by the coaching staff in the first place...

They weren't airtight after the break, but given the number of times Nyarko and Oduro got behind the defense in the first half and United's general fragility in conceding such chances over the last few years, Dudar already looks a smart signing.

Also? I'll be intensely disappointed if there isn't a "The Dudar Abides" banner present for the home opener. Make it happen.

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  1. Please make this happen. I'd much rather think of this every time I hear Dudar's name than Camptown racetrack's five miles long....