FM Scouting: Alfredo

First let me kill any hopes you may have for screenshots or comparisons with current or former players. You can safely rule out long-winded analysis as well. There won’t be any for this one. Put simply: Alfredo Francisco Martins is a mere sketch of a player in FM. No size, no footedness, roughly a quarter of his stats defined[1]. What we are provided goes roughly like this…

He’s a forward. No other positions listed. His current ability is judged at roughly Brettschneider level with a potential that puts him smack between Najar/Kitchen/Hamid territory on the high end and Korb on the low end[2].

The stats we are given indicate slightly-higher-than-average marks for movement and composure complemented by reasonable flair, pace, and finishing. Shocking stuff for a Brazilian forward, I know. He has poor ratings for positioning and the defensive skills (marking, tackling), but not much that would indicating mentality. His biggest assets (according to the database) are acceleration and taking PK’s (13 for each).

That’s about all the database has got. Sounds like he and Jerome are fighting for dibs on the fifth striker spot, and now that I take a peek at Jerome’s data…Hmmm, looks like he’s a bit more fleshed-out than Alfredo. Expect a bigger post this weekend – this time with screenshots.

  1. Which means it’s up to the game engine to auto-generate the rest. Hence the lack of screenshots, comparisons, analysis.  ↩

  2. –7 vs. N/K/H’s –8 and Korb’s –6, for those who have a passing familiarity with the FM editor.  ↩

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