Semantic Footsie

Camp update from
There have been no changes to the roster that trained earlier this the week in DC. Trialists Ryan Richter, Seth C’deBaca, Alfredo Martins, Andrew Dykstra, and Guilherme Alves da Costa, along with un-signed Supplemental Draft Pick Lance Rozeboom, all accompanied the team to Charleston on Wednesday.

Hmmm -- no mention of Burciaga despite that "no changes" disclaimer. I wonder if that's because (a) United are still playing semantic footsie and calling him a "guest" rather than "trialist," (b) everybody involved came to their senses, or (c) Guilherme blew him out of the water?

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  1. Did United's official website ever report him as anything other then a guest?

    I thought it was Goff who leaked that he was still training with the team.

    Either way, I imagine that Guilherme blew him out of the water... let's get the loan deal done. I don't even need to see him play... I need young cheap depth with 2 good knees(Sorry Jose)