Random Pings from the Expectant Satellite Mind

Apologies for the paucity of posts of late. For those that aren’t yet aware, clan Fullback is expecting its fourth member any day now, so you’ll understand my distraction. But while I have a moment, let me clear the metaphorical decks…

  • ZonalMarking’s Euro 2012 team-by-team previews are excellent. Not sure how much of the tournament I’ll be able to watch, given the aforementioned circumstances, but ZM will be fun to read these coming few weeks.
  • Up for some Euro-predictin’? I’m in duNord’s group if you’re interested.
  • Anybody else concerned that the USMNT seems to be getting progressively worse over the course of the “5-game tournament” as Klinsmann has dubbed the latest round of fixtures? Dwindling chances, worrying gaps at the back, weakness against set pieces. Not good.
  • No TV/feeds kept me from posting anything meaningful about United’s cup run (and fall). Suffice it to say: if De Rosario goes down, we’re royally screwed[1]. Also? My summer shopping list would include a real right back (Korb has potential but Russell is done) and a box-to-box central mid (like the idea of Boskovic, but not the reality vis-a-vis MLS, and loyal readers know where I want De Rosario).

  1. Though a healthy Pontius may have helped.  ↩

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