Caution Amidst the Euphoria

Will Parchman, writing for NSC:
Thohir is an admitted soccer junkie, and that's okay. But it doesn't mean anything in a literal sense. It's worked for Mark Cuban in basketball. Not so much for Mike Brown in football. So that Thohir apparently can rattle off a deep rolodex of international players is a fact we'll leave for posterity to judge, because it doesn't mean he can adequately manage a franchise. It means he can work the FIFA '12 transfer engine quickly. What matters now is that Thohir and his backing group can provide the impetus to kick-start DC's stadium project in earnest and, perhaps even more importantly, keep it in DC. They said all the right things Tuesday to that effect, which should have DC fans cautiously optimistic. Of course they've heard all this before.


  1. Come back, Fullback, we miss you.

  2. Hope all is well with the baby~and family!