Football. Futbol. Whatever.

Ten to fifteen years ago, my cheat sheet would have looked a lot like the one on the left, with the notable replacement of May baseball with Champions' League finales and summer baseball getting bumped by a burgeoning interest in MLS and rather more fervid interest in international soccer tournaments. 


Guess I'm non-US. Not sure if it was boredom with US sports, better soccer coverage on TV, or simply that fatherhood forced me to prune some of my casual sporting interests in favor of one I could really sink my metaphorical teeth into. 

There's something deeper to explore here about the internet granting exposure to niches and whether that provokes intense focus or perpetual distraction as the next shiny object bounces along, but my sleep-deprived brain reels at the prospect of getting too deep in the weeds and not being able to work my way out...


  1. I'm at the same place. In the early- and mid-90s I was a sportswriter, which means that I'd stay abreast of all the major US sports, from editing agate if nothing else. Now I'm known by my friends as the guy who doesn't know how the Tigers are doing.

    It's not like I'm saving any brain-space for more important things, though. It's all been replaced with data about international dates and league tendencies and player profiles. Annnnnd Football Manager, which should be a controlled substance around me.

  2. Yup. I'd rock at the sports edition of trivial pursuit up until about 1999-2000. After that, my store of useless facts about other sports craters.