FM Scouting | Syamsir Alam

Once again we're given a name and some YouTube footage of a new signing (not to mention some healthy levels of skepticism regarding why he was signed) but precious little else. Time to fire up the FM 2013 Editor!

First things first: there aren't going to be any screenshots here or detailed comparisons to existing players because Alam in the FM database isn't a complete picture of a player. He's a rough sketch that lets the game engine fill in the gaps. But that rough sketch should give us some clues as to the sort of player he is.

Let's start with general ability levels. The game rates him at a 70 for current ability (out of 200 and compared to the low to mid 80's ratings for the likes of Rozeboom, Shanosky, or Tan), lending weight to  the current supposition that he'll be trying to find games with our affiliates in Richmond. That said, most of the current Kickers players in the database are in the 80's or 90's for current ability, so he might struggle to get time there as well.

As for potential, Alam garners a -6 from the database; the same as Willis and Korb on the current United roster. The database also has him as right-footed and a natural right winger who is accomplished playing in the #10 spot and can do spot duty up top or in a deeper right midfield position. He's rated mentally as highly consistent and determined, with reasonable levels of creativity and decision-making. The barest bones of a physical sketch have him with decent strength and stamina, and his technical ratings show good technique and finishing, but only adequate dribbling and crossing skill.

Note that most of his attributes are left blank for the game to populate given his current/potential ability ratings as a guide, but you can get a decent picture of the type of player he is. To further flesh out the skeleton, he has preferred moves that indicate a preference for dribbling down the right, getting forward whenever possible, and getting into the opposition area.

It's not hard to argue that theoretically this type of player fills a hole in the roster. Assuming Najar is either destined for Belgium or the right fullback spot, we've got Pontius and DeLeon on the wings with Neal and maybe a trialist or draftee auditioning for cover. A young, technical wide midfielder geared to attack, attack, attack would certainly fit the bill. Unfortunately (and the database isn't infallible, but long-time players of the game will trust in its repute), both his most recent level of employment and the numbers in the game would seem to indicate that he's just not good enough for United and likely will never be.

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