DC United Reaction - Soehn's Sinking Ship

Weather knocked me into the land of no broadband and no cable, so I've just had a chance to witness the highlights, or lowlights as the case may be. Ugh. I'm actually glad I didn't have to sit through that sort of torture. No, we weren't thumped statistically, despite pretty much conceding the first half, but . . . Between Emilio being smote by the Bum Hammy Hammer, Moreno sashaying off into the suspension sunset, laying another egg on the scoreboard, and having three posted against us, the Soehn ship has smoke pouring out of huge holes in the hull, it's listing badly to starboard, and there's a nasty array of clouds on the horizon.

Talking points? Do I have to? Very well . . .

* Stick a fork in Tommy. Admittedly, he hasn't had the best run of luck; and MLS rules, a nasty fixture pileup, and some misfires by the FO have contributed to the slide, but there are too many negative warning flags to ignore. Dave noted the abundance of basic defensive errors, no matter what players were available for selection. I'd add the preponderance of occasions when United absolutely needed a result and yet came out flat in the first half. Additionally (and, of course, I'm not privy to what's going on in training and the treatment room), his team selection has often been . . . let's charitably call it questionable, shall we?

* Who are we going to play up top now? Moreno is probably going to get more than a one-game suspension. Emilio may be on the shelf for a while with a lame hammy. Quaranta got yanked early, and who knows if he's going to be able to keep his head together much longer. Let's hear it for a Boyzzz + Iron Rod front line. Great. A dude we plucked from USL 2 and another who will probably be plying his trade there next year.

Anybody out there have an optimistic bone to spare? Anybody have any words of hope or encouragement in these dark times? You know, besides, "Hey, at least we're not Newcastle United." It's hard to see salvation coming from anywhere, unless it's the rest of our playoff rivals suddenly entering a seething void of suck.

Sadly, none of them seem to be so inclined, which means we'll probably be ending this woeful season early. I suppose it's only fitting that we end the season in the mire, since that's where we started it. We had a brief, shining moment in the early summer, and enjoyed a slight resurgence to grab the Open Cup, thus ensuring that we didn't end the season empty-handed, but it's time to start planning for a better 2009.

Fortunately, I've been a Sheffield Wednesday fan longer than I've been a United fan, so I'm a seasoned campaigner when it comes to disappointing seasons and looking forward to a golden tomorrow.

Ugh (cubed!)


  1. too funny. how do these separate talents together implode so badly?

  2. Good question. I suppose if you were to take the temperature of the United blogosphere at the moment, the mercury would be hovering somewhere in the vicinity of "Tommy Soehn."