Let's Make Some Noise For Your Boys | DC United Post-Match Thoughts

Seriously? That dude on the PA at Blackbaud? I think we may have a contender for Christian Miles in the "most annoying man in US soccer with a microphone" sweepstakes. Wow.

No time for a full reaction post tonight, but I thought I'd dash off a few quick thoughts on United's 2-0 victory over the Battery to claim the Carolina Challenge Cup.

* Will anybody but Jaime score for this team? Allsopp had the best chance outside the ageless one, but his header went narrowly wide. That needs to be finished.

* Quaranta is way too high-energy and direct for the role we're playing him in. Get him wide... please.

* Najar at right back, left wing? Anywhere we can't play the kid? He certainly doesn't look out of place with the senior team.

* Lots of short passes and heavy legs out there. I'll chalk that up to three games in a week and the end of pre-season.

* Likewise with some of the uncertain play at the back, uncomfortably reminiscent of the putzing around that killed us over the last two years. We still were reasonable defensively, but you see what having Perkins behind the line does for us. Charleston would have had at least two, possibly three but for their poor finishing.

* Barklage hasn't exactly impressed over these last few outings. Boyzzz has been pretty dastardly as well.

Sorry for the superficial gloss. Feel free to cover for me in the comments.


  1. Now that the CBA is done, we can look forward to the season. I'm looking forward to us signing Peña and Najar, hoping that we let Hamid be the number 2 till wicks is healthy, bc I don't think we need to sign Quinn, and I'm kinda missing Szetela still. I wish we could sign him at a lower salary because he is still a young decent player who could provide depth off the bench or start.

    These are my ramblings...

  2. Oh yeah.... almost forgot... How about Onalfo winning a trophy before his first official game?? ;););)