Rumor Torpedo?

In case you missed it...
On the other hand, UK rags have been busy claiming that Spurs defender Ryan Nelsen is in talks for a D.C. United return. This is strictly made up. He is not in such negotiations and I have been assured by his agent that the Kiwi man will be found in England next season. (via)
Of course, agents do lie, and smoke often indicates fire, so I'm not taking this is as gospel...


  1. He's 35. That's 105 in soccer years. I can already hear his hamstring ripping from the bone on the stupid RFK turf and he's not even here yet. Respectfully to him for his past service and you for your kindness, but oh my god please no, and if it's near or at DP money, oh my fxxk please no.

    1. Agreed. Despite the mini-crisis at center back, that's not where I'd be looking to make adjustments in the summer window.