DC 2 : 4 The Whiz

Yuck! I think maybe I just threw up in my mouth a little. Nice to see a few goals banged in after the paucity of scoring on MLS's opening weekend, but when United gives up goals through horrifying missed tackles and botched clearances, that's just pathetic. DC still managed to control possession and created good chances, they just were not solid at the back for the second week running and Kansas City always looked a threat on the break.

So what's the solution? I think maybe DC needs to try going with four at the back for a few games. It doesn't have to kill possession or limit our typical dominance of midfield if we play a deep-lying "anchorman" (or two) in midfield and allow the fullbacks to press forward on the wings. At the moment, we're really only playing with one true striker in Emilio, as Moreno drops into midfield pretty much constantly. Perhaps we could try the "Spanish" 4-2-3-1, as it seems to be the system best suited to our players, and field the following lineup.






Upon further review, I might be tempted to make a few changes based upon performances last night. Maybe Simms for Carroll and McTavish for Erpen, possibly pushing Namoff inside and McTavish to the flank.

There is one real positive to take from last night's game and that would be Eddie Johnson playing with a bit of confidence and swagger. Though he made the DC backline look pretty ordinary, EJ's return to form could be huge for US Soccer. I think sticking a few in the net for the US in the Gold Cup/Copa America could set the stage nicely for the 2010 qualifiers.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the mandatory "told ya so". KC could be the real deal this year if Sealy/Johnson click and their new Argentine playmaker pans out. Of course, "told ya so" would fall flat on it's ugly face if we look behind the curtain at DC's poor start. I still think they have the quality to recover, they just need to tighten things up at the back and start clearing the ball to teammates, rather than prompting opposition attacks by dumping the ball in their laps with every clearance.

Coming up this week - Watch for the Fullback Files' updated MLS power rankings and much rending of clothes, gnashing of teeth, and tearing of hair from DC United fans across the globe as we'll all have two weeks until the Black and Red take the field again. BigSoccer be warned!

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