MLS Midweek Wrap

'Zards 3 : 0 TFC

Toronto are struggling - a team in flux, nobody wants to play there, they can't score - what else could go wrong? On the flip side, EJ scores again to continue his mini-revival in KC. Marinelli is also looking to have that bit of class that transforms a solid defensive team with a few useful offensive weapons into a real quality side. It will be interesting to see where this team can go if Johnson continues his good form.

Hoops 0 : 1 RBNY

Solid away victory for the Metrodonkeys. Bruce looks to have righted the ship for now, but will aging legs and a lack of depth begin to take their toll when summer rolls around? Reyna already looks like he's laboring a bit. Dallas is a team with a lot of potential up top, but not much going on elsewhere. They struggled to create chances against a hyper-organized Red Bull defense. Are they really that toothless, or is Arena cooking up some of his powerful MLS voodoo in the Swamp and finally looking to create an antidote for "Metro Playoff Failure"?

ESPN (Week 1) 1 : 0 ESPN (Since Week 1)

I'm hoping they can recover, but for the second week running, the quality of the Thursday night broadcast failed to live up to the promise of Week 1. Why the hell are we missing live action for interviews with pointy-ball players and baseball highlights? And what's with the in-game, post-game, sideline interviews? The players are chatting like the game is over when we've still got 5-10 minutes left to play and the other team has just moved into a threatening position.

A special shoutout goes to the ridiculous closeup of Arena watching the game while Dallas gets one of their handful of chances on net. Hell, the on-air "talent" almost makes FSC's commentary teams look reasonable. Almost. Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo-stick ESPN - you were on to something in Week 1, where did all of that promise go?

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