LA "Galácticos"?

What's Alexi playing at out in La-La land? If the Zizou rumors are true, I think he may be trying to build his own squad of Galácticos á la Real Madrid, right down to using the same pieces of that top-heavy puzzle. The big problem is that he's got the same sort of issues that Real had - no defense. And with the three salaries he'll be handing Donovan, Beckham, and possibly Zidane, there isn't much chance of being able to afford one.

Of course, if they do pull this off, the Galaxy will be approaching the "perfect storm" of drawing crowds. The screaming teenage girls and casual fans will come for Becks, while the purists and Eurosnobs will turn out to see Zidane. What gets a bit lost in this picture is what kind of reaction Donovan has to no longer being the big fish.

Oh well, at least the team is appropriately named. Where else would you expect to find Galácticos but in a Galaxy? Let's all chant together now - "superclub, superCLUB, superCLUB, SUPERCLUB!"

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