Zidane Rumors

So, MLS Underground has the following bit of rumormongering regarding the possibility of Zidane joining Becks in LA:
For the Galaxy to obtain Zidane, they would have to trade for a second designated player spot. One scenario mentioned by one source is a combination of draft picks, an allocation, and highly touted defender Nathan Sturgis.
If this were the case, I think DC United might have a bit of an interest. Assuming that they're not planning on using their DP slot on a defender in the summer (also and attractive option), this might be a solid move.

I was impressed with Sturgis' positioning and comfort on the ball during the U-20 WC Qualifiers. Add in the potential trade options or young players to fill out the reserves that a handful of draft picks adds, and this becomes an intriguing package. Of course, United's signing of Nicholas Addlery yesterday means that their 28-man roster is filled, so somebody would have to be cut or shipped out in order to add Sturgis. Hmmm...


  1. I think United would be more inclined to hang on to their DP slot to be used as a bargaining chip with Christian Gomez if he continues to hold out on his contract, which expires in December.

    Though a DP spot can be traded for just one year (Zizou wouldn't likely stick around much longer and D.C. might agree to it since they wouldn't need it this season), I doubt LA would go for a one year deal on the spot because they'd need it for Donovan after Zidane is gone.

  2. Interesting points. The important question is how long can Gomez keep performing at his current level? At the moment, he's worth a DP, but for how much longer? I think Marco's final years are what we should be looking to avoid.

    As to LA's situation, call me jaded, but I'm pretty sure MLS will make a rule change or some weird exemption to allow the Galaxy to hold on to Donovan and Becks next year.

    Thanks for the comments.