MLS Thursday Night Futbol: Elbow Karma

The top story here will not be that Twellman scored from outside the box, nor will it be that the Crew somehow remain unbeaten, nor will it even be that Tommy Smyth's plugging of the UEFA Champion's League during an MLS broadcast was even more annoying than Smyth's legendary blindness and general cringe-inducing colloquialisms during said games. No, the big story is Andy Herrón's vicious elbowing of Revolution rent-a-thug Jay Heaps.

In the words of John Lennon, "Instant karmas gonna get you -Gonna knock you right on the head". Now, Herrón taking a peek to make sure it's Heaps coming up to mark him on the free kick is pretty cold-blooded, but I have to say that it was pretty satisfying to see a notorious elbow-merchant and serial brutal-foul offender like Heaps get his comeuppance.

I don't mind defenders who play aggressively and make a general nuisance of themselves with niggly, borderline fouls like ankle-taps and shoves and such ("Hi there Kettle, my name's Pot, how's it going?"), but Heaps is a menace and deserves whatever nastiness the karmic express decides to flatten him with.

So, not a pretty or particularly enjoyable game, but a couple of nice goals, a couple of soft goals, and a general sense of encouragement that neither of these teams look that great. Here's hoping that DC gets their magic back and puts a severe hurting on Columbus. I'm assuming the Crewzers be without Herrón due to suspension, and Schelotto isn't due in town till the following week, so that should help DC's fragile defense build some confidence.

On the broadcast front, I was a little disappointed to see a drop in the general production quality in comparison to last week's game. At least KickTrax, or whatever that abomination is called, wasn't nearly so prevalent. Did they even use it? I don't recall as this wasn't the type of game that had me rapt with attention and glued to the edge of my seat. Nice late equalizer by the Crew though, even if it was a gift from the Revs. I'm pretty sure Parkhurst would have banged that one into row Z.

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