Boca "Senior": Schelotto joins Columbus
By all accounts, Schelotto is quality both on the pitch and off. Could his addition make the Crew a playoff team? Possibly. Schelotto will provide veteran leadership and create chances, but that's not the Crew's biggest problem right now. They really need someone to bang in a few of the chances they've already been creating. They've got a legitimate goal threat in Herron and a few promising younger forwards, so it will be interesting to see what effect Schelotto has on this admittedly talented, but raw team.

The Bruce: "Send me an Angel!"
Hmmm. Now, this is a decent signing for Red Bull if only for the fact that it takes a lot of pressure off of Altidore's young shoulders. If JPA gets his mojo back, the Bulls are looking pretty tough, though I'd maintain that their backline is still pretty questionable. They're also getting increasingly older and more expensive. Two big questions present themselves.

(1) How high is the salary cap now? Unless they're paying these guys in Red Bull, those are some expensive salaries they've got going on there between Reyna, Mathis, Angel, and the Dutch contigent. Not that I'm complaining, mind you - if the owners want to pay for the talent, it's their money and I'm all for the investment. It's just that MLS is a laughingstock when it comes to the "rules" and the bending of such for their major market show ponies in LA and NY.

(2) What sort of damage is the field turf going to wreak upon aging knees? Check this space in 2-3 months and we'll see what the treatment room up in the Swamp looks like.

Wynne some, lose some
So let me get this straight - Arena dealt Wynne to Toronto for a 2nd round pick and an allocation? If this isn't the definition of "WTF?" I don't know what is, particularly given the Bruce's borderline OCD regarding big, fast, athletic fullbacks. Even if he doesn't rate Wynne or sees him as too much of a project for his "win now" philosophy, a lot of other folks in MLS do and I'm betting he could have got a lot more than a 2nd rounder and change.

Strange goings on at the trading post, but I'm all for adding talented players to the league - even if they end up in Red Bull land. While the trickle has increased to a steady stream, let's hope the bust-the-dams, biblical-scale flooding of the NASL doesn't rear its ugly head. Slow and steady now and straight on 'til morning.

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