DC United Recap - Where's My Highlights?

So, I was waiting to post my recap until I got a look at the highlights, but as with the previous HDNet game, it looks like highlights may not be forthcoming. How hard is it? I mean, I saw replays of the first two goals on FSC Saturday night. Are you telling me that FSC can get the highlight video while the game is going on, but MLS can't post said video on its own site 48 hours after the fact?

Whatever. Screw Mark Cuban or whoever blew this one and let's move on. General impression seems to be that the Fire sucked with a mighty suckitude and United was good enough to take advantage bury the hacking bastards in red. Nice to see Emilio starting to bang them in like he's supposed to. Long may it continue!

And now for something completely different - let's go shopping!

With the international transfer window wide open and players slowly starting to leak into the league, what's your play if you're the DC front office? Here are the needs I would look to address.
  1. Left Back - The only real hole in the starting lineup right now is a true left back. Gros is toothpicks and chewing gum trying to pass as a rocket launcher and Tommy Soehn is no MacGyver! I'll take someone off the rack with a bit of pace, good positional sense, decent one v. one skills, and who can drop a damn cross in the vicinity of the six. Right - how much do you want for one of those?
  2. Center Back - Not as pressing an issue as it had seemed a month or so ago when Erpen looked terrible. We've got a pretty good pairing right now in Erpen-Boswell and McTavish demonstrated that he can fill in pretty well against Chicago. Still, that's three centerbacks and I'd put McTavish down as a bit makeshift. Namoff could also fill in, but with Boswell possibly headed to Copa America, we need a bit more depth here. If it's somebody who can push Erpen and Boswell for playing time, so much the better.
  3. Right Wing - Sure Benny's been playing well, if not so much as a true winger, and Fred could probably handle the job if he stayed wide. Moose seems to be coming into his own a bit as well, but wouldn't it be nice to have a real burner to hug the touchline wide on the right? Somebody who could get behind the defense and either go at goal or send in crosses?
Well, that's not much to ask, is it? If we were a "SuperClub" like the one out in La-La Land, we'd probably be able to fit all that onto a 28-man roster with cash to spare against the cap, wouldn't we? The leagues shifting standards aside, I really would like to either get in more defensive cover or see what the current defensive cover has to offer. McTavish has demonstrated that he'll probably be able to provide solid minutes, but what of Burch and Wilson? Burch is a developmental project at the moment and I can live with that, but if Wilson isn't helping the cause, there's no sense in him taking a senior roster spot. Ship him out and bring in somebody who can challenge for playing time.

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