MLS Table Talk (Week 11) - Is Dallas Really on Top?

So, after getting thrashed 4-0 by a side not even in the playoff places and sporting a negative goal difference, FC Dallas somehow manages to sit atop the table after Week 11. Parity, huh? Much like last week, teams basically maintained position with the top four shuffling, the next four in the playoff spots doing the same, and little movement in the non-playoff places. The notable exception was Chivas claiming the number two spot in the West.

I've added three new columns to the table: ppg (points per game), gpg (goals per game), and apg ([goals] allowed per game). They throw up some interesting facts. If we rank by points per game, position in the table only shifts a place or two for every team in the table save one. FC Dallas would find itself way down in the sixth spot. Interesting.

The top three scoring sides are, unsurprisingly, among the top four in the table in KC, Red Bull, and the Revs, and conversely, the three worst defensive sides are in the bottom four in Toronto, the Crew, and RSL. The most inept offenses are the bottom three of RSL, Columbus, and LA, with RSL setting the bar limbo-low as the only side in MLS that scores less than a goal per game.

Two clubs are allowing less than a goal per game to lead the way defensively. The Dynamo are not a surprise as they're traditionally pretty solid at the back, but the formerly sieve-like Chivas defense is a shocker as statistically the strongest defense in MLS.

In the next few days, we'll take a look at how the MLS Dogpile is playing out and I'll give my admittedly blind reaction to DC's victory this week over the hated Chicago Fire (damn you Mark Cuban and your HDNet!).

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