Galaxy Get Older, Slower

If it worked for New York, it must work for LA, right? So let's get this straight. LA is going to trade away Sturgis, a very highly rated young midfielder/defender, plus a somewhat less touted, but still high quality, prospect in speedy forward Findley for Chris Klein? Chris Klein? He is, at best, a decent wide midfielder for MLS who occasionally hits a decent shot from distance but isn't much in the crossing department.

Unless they see him as a temporary replacement at right back, I don't get this move. I know word out of LA is that Bonny Prince Beckham will be in the middle of the park, but don't you want him spraying his half-field wonder-passes (that create rainbows and heal sick children and cause Jesus to smile and so on and so forth) to speedy guys on the flanks who can do some damage on the dribble or crossing the ball? Besides, Klein has the touch of a Clydesdale. 40-yard balls dropped onto your foot aren't going to mean much when your first touch puts the ball 10 yards away from you.

On the other side of the deal, this looks like a bit of a steal for RSL. They've pretty much written this season off and are looking to build for the future. Sturgis may be in the shop window for Europe at the U-20's, and maybe that's why LA was willing to deal him. If he doesn't go, he'll probably jump right in to the d-mid spot for Salt Lake.

The only other consideration I can see here is clearing roster space. This looks like a cap hit for LA unless part or all of Klein's salary is picked up by RSL for the remainder of the year. Even if it is, this is pretty much a neutral move on the salary front. And unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like LA needs to clear roster room to add Pavon and Beckham.

So a hearty "WTF?" from the Fullback Files. But who am I to judge Lalas' construction of his mighty, world-conquering, "we could take the Premiership if we really wanted to" SuperClub? I'll be interested to hear what Galaxy fan/pundit Gary of the 2 G's has to say about this deal as he's mentioned multiple times this week that he rated Klein as pretty worthless during RSL's visit to the Toolbox this past weekend.

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