Quote of the Day

From ex-United (and possibly soon to be ex-Galaxy) midfielder/forward Santino Quaranta regarding the fire-sale ("all salaries must go!") in LA (via the Goffmeister):
"They're trading everybody, man," he said. "It's a panic. I'm not sure Frank and Alexi are on the same page. It's a bad situation right now."
Hey Tino, don't let that karma express run you over on your way out of La-La Land. On second thought...

If I weren't so depressed by the US performance tonight against the Leaf Brigade, I'd be cackling up a storm right now watching that ship burn and all the rats scurrying for the docks. Looks like the push is on to Frankenstein up a winner out there at the Toolbox so King Beckham doesn't look a fool plugging away for a non-playoff side. SuperClub! SuperClub! SuperClub!

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