Out With the G's!

I've been listening to the podcast of the 2 G's show for the past few weeks, but if you'll notice, there's no more link to them in the sidebar. That's because I titled that section "Fullback Enjoys" and as far as the 2 G's go - not so much. So I'm dropping them like a bad habit. At first it was really only sometime host Pete Brown that annoyed the hell out of me, but now it's spreading like the plague. While I do enjoy the show and find most of it to be entertaining (if massively repetitive and not terribly informative or well-researched), there are consistently moments during the show when I find myself shouting at my iPod or merely muttering darkly to myself and I'm sure it has my family worried and really isn't good for my health in general.

Of course, you could probably just listen to one show a week and pretty much get the same content as you'd get from a weeks worth of shows - the same themes, the same teams, the same whines, the same rants. Hey I read the BBC gossip column too and I'm sure I can download the Benny Hill music to play while I read it. Hell, I can even come up with my own half-assed, uninformed opinions about a bunch of stories from half-assed, uninformed British tabloids as well.

I could go on a long winded rant here, and I'm really tempted to do so, but that's why I'm dumping the show - it's not really worth my time or energy to get worked up about it when there are better options for my soccer news and entertainment (cheers Dave Lifton! You do the best, most focused, and most informative soccer podcast in my feed and I'll miss the couple of minutes they deign to spend with you on "Around the League" while they give the woman from Dallas double the time just so Gary can get his rocks off and get his audio drool all over her and her "passion".)

Bye-bye sidebar linky, bye-bye podcast feed, ciao "mates".

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