Quaranta's Bull-Bound

Cirque du LA continues as Santino Quaranta packs his bags for the Misty Mountains - oops, make that the swampy miasma of north Jersey - in exchange for a conditional fourth round draft pick. My, how the mighty have fallen! Conditional fourth round draft pick? Is that more or less than a bag of balls and some orange cones?

I'm thinking the Bruce is getting a steal here at the expense of "Crazy" Alexi and his fire-sale approach to roster management. For basically peanuts, he's getting a 22-year-old kid whose potential is largely unrealized and is only a year or so out from being in the frame for national team selection. Sure, he needs to get his head on straight and is a bit of a reclamation project, but for a conditional fourth round pick? Even if he's a complete wash-out, you gave up basically nothing to give it a shot.

For those keeping score at home that makes it Lalas nil, the rest of the league - oh, I don't know, about what, six, maybe seven, eight? I guess the major question is whether he's managed to boost the average age of the squad over 30 yet. Who's up next on the chopping block? I sure as hell don't know, but I've got my trade bait ready...

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