DC News Roundup - Good Morning!

A nice segment with Kevin Payne discussing DP's, Poplar Point, and more. Thanks to the DCenters for the heads up. Also, it looks like Bobby Boswell isn't the only one looking to build a web presence. Jamil Walker's new site, barefootballer.com, looks pretty slick. It's fairly light on content for the time being but seems promising. Let's just hope he can get past the disturbingly kinky-sounding name - or is that just me? Finally, the United M.A.S.H ward looks to be coming around a bit according to Goff. Namoff and Kpene are almost back, but Jaime, deRoux, and Moose are still on the shelf, while Vanney is day-to-day. Not the best of situations with our brutally busy schedule, but I remain blissfully free of doom and gloom this morning (for now - duh-duh-duh-DUNNNNN!).

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