Thursday Night Futbol - Goatsmacked!

Hell hath no fury like a Razov scorned! Or something like that. Remember that abortion of a season that Ante split between Columbus and the Meadowlands? Remember how Arena constantly snubbed him for the national team? He certainly does, and he took it out on both the Meadowlands and Arena last night, scoring one goal and setting up the other in Chivas' 2-0 win.

Not that the Goats dominated the match. Not by any stretch. In fact, Guzan and his defenders (including his best friend the crossbar) combined to thwart a handful of Red Bull chances, including at least two off the line. Chivas simply took advantage of what chances they had and buried them (though the miserable Conway should get an assist on the Kljestan's goal). Considering the state of that Red Bull back line (Stammler and Leitch in the middle? Shutch yo' mouth! Just talkin' bout Leitch) it's a miracle that they didn't fashion more chances.

In the end, there are really only two things of importance to take from this match.
  1. How did DC United lose to this steaming pile of merde? Let's all say it together now...finishing, finishing, finishing! It's sort of like real estate thing. The three most important words, you know?
  2. Can ESPN get any worse? Didn't they get the message from Drew Carey last week about just covering the damn game? Ugh, and then the Beckham intro. I get it already - Golden Balls is going to "save" American soccer. Whoop-dee-freakin'-do! Hey, when's he actually gonna hit a shot in anger? You also have to love the poor schmuck back at ESPN HQ stumbling over "Wan-cho-pee" and "Durby" County. And then of course, there's Stoner, but that horse has long since died and I tire of beating it anyway.
Also, a quick shoutout to the long-suffering Metrodonkey support. Sure - rivalry, hatred, blah, blah, blah. At some point, all American soccer fans are in the same neglected, small, oft-mocked boat. As long as RFK has suffered under the yoke of CSC, you've got to feel a little sympathy for those few fans that still show up to support the Red Balls only to be treated like crap. Here's hoping MLS HQ delivers them a second team they can actually rally behind, rather than a poor, dim, punching-bag of a retarded step-sister wandering lost in the swampy wilds of north Jersey. Christ! This franchise needs one of those medic-alert bracelets.

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