A Terrible Triumvirate

  1. US U-17's - They're all but eliminated from the U-17 World Cup after losing 3-1 to group leaders Tunisia. This time, it wasn't that the opposition were quicker or more spirited that killed the US, it was a lack of creativity in the final third. The US was fairly good at holding the ball and passing it about the midfield, but couldn't seem to fashion much in the way of scoring chances. Don't they play enough 5-a-side at Bradenton? The attacking moves were staid and predictable. After the ref gave two soft pens, I was shocked that they didn't dump it in the box a bit more looking for similar whistle-happy treatment of their own forwards.
  2. LA Galaxy - Right off the bat - let's give the Beckster some credit here. Going the full 90 on Wednesday and again last night showed an impressive (if foolish) level of commitment, particularly on a bum ankle. I hope his labors were born of dedication to the team and not a sense of obligation to the fair-weather, shirt-buying, down on their knees and rubbing their faces in celebrity poop, public. Despite his participation, the Galaxy are just awful and Chivas simply toyed with them before dispatching them on the break. If there is anybody with a moderate familiarity with MLS that doesn't see that Lalas has an inverse Midas Touch (everything he touches turns to merde!), they need to get themselves to an ophthamologist right quick. It'll be good to see Frank Yallop back in San Jose next year instead of smoldering on the bench while this steaming pile of a team bumbles its way through loss after loss. Can you imagine the number of goals they would be conceded were it not for the "saving" graces of Joe Cannon?
  3. ESPN - Go away now! I'm not really going to criticize sticking with the WNBA game through three overtimes, because if the shoe was on the other foot, I'd be pretty pissed myself. Fans of the "less loved" sports need to stick together anyway. What I have no more patience for is their soccer coverage, in particular Dave O'Brien. Now, didn't some ESPN big-wig come out and say that the "all-Becks, all the time" coverage that mangled his first game would slack off a bit? Could have fooled me - guess Davy-O didn't get the memo. And that freakin' cam on a zip line! I'm watching a team rush down the field and suddenly this little UFO comes in like an alien making a strafing run on the Chivas back line? Ugh! And what's with the need to add folks? Just cause you've only got two in the booth doesn't mean you need to add yet another sideline reporter. Or was that the dedicated "Beckham-Reporter" to go along with the "Beckam-Cam"? Also, I'm no huge fan of Wynalda's, but he generally stays on task fairly well (can you tell I'm married to a teacher?). Last night he was all over the map. I blame O'Brien. How much would it take to put the booth boobs on their own audio channel? (think the SAP button - let's have a GOL "Gushing Off-Topic Loudmouth" button that you can use if you really want to hear the likes of O'Brien and Stoner spread their particular brand of moronic observational, Olympics-style, sob story, I could give a flying $%@&** coverage).

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