United Recap - Short and Sweet

I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, and as I'm running about a lap shy of the rest of the futbol blogiverse, I'll make this the condensed, quickfire highlights version of the match recap for United's 3-1 victory over the Metrotards. To whit:
  • Ben Olsen - Metrobull Slayer - Can Beninho honestly do any more to endear himself to United fans? 11 of 26 MLS goals against the Franchise From the Swamp? Are you kidding me? See, there are things that players do to cement their positions as fan-favorites. And then there's Benny. He's in his own stadium, playing by his own set of rules in a universe of his own making. Unreal.
  • Everybody hold hands and pray for Emiligol's hammy. If this turns into one of those niggling hammy strains that plague a player for 2-3 months, you can wave bye-bye to the Supporter's Shield, and probably MLS Cup as well.
  • Little help anybody? While we're on the subject of Emiligol - it sure was nice to bang in 3 without Emilio getting one of them. True, he drew the pen, but three different scorers and none were Emilio. That's the kind of spreading it about that we're going to need if we're to mount a serious challenge. Gomito and Moreno getting their first for a while was nice to see as well - long may it continue.
  • Congrats #1 on the 109 to number 99. Related to the previous point - it was good to see Jaime finally get to 109. Now he's got to keep banging them in with semi-regularity, particularly if he wants to hang on to the top spot as Ante Razov is only a handful behind him and closing fast.
  • Congrats #2 on making the 18 to number 4. Marc Burch gets the senior roster spot that he's really earned in the last month or so. That means we won't be making any DP signings this season, but Burch has gone a long way to clearing up the messiness at left back. Now, let's put that little flub last night behind us and look forward to the rest of the season, shall we?
  • Simms for the win. Brian Carroll is now a late game sub at a position he's good at, playing as one of two holding mids when we need to kill a game off. Simms has staked a claim to the starting d-mid spot and I don't think Carroll the Elder is going to be able to mount much of a challenge.

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