New Blood

Deadline day did not pass without incident for DC United as they acquired forward Jerson Monteiro from Chicago for a conditional 2008 draft pick. Considering United has already dealt its first round pick (to get Dyachenko back from TFC), and that we'll finish pretty high in the league this year, that means a late 2nd rounder at best for a guy the Fire drafted at #8 overall this year. Not bad if he's the real deal.

Hell, he's already averaging more than a goal every two games! Okay, okay, one goal in 154 MLS minutes, but at least all three of his shots have been on goal. Of course that goal came against us, though it was on HDNet which means that highlights are still not available - UGH! Screw Mark Cuban anyway! According to the match writeup, the goal was "supremely well-placed," which sounds promising. Anyway, around the web in 60 seconds.
Important highlights:
  • has a green card, so no international spots lost
  • will be on the developmental roster
  • wait, size and speed? is that DCU-legal?

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