Thursday Night Futbol - Five Talking Points

In no particular order:
  • Has Landycakes been hitting the gym? I don't ever recall him shrugging off so many tackles and shoves without going down. He must have made at least 3-5 strong runs with the ball where he suffered two or more fouls and kept on truckin'. That is the Kissypants we need going forward for the US. Forget the falling over and leaving it to the ref to make a decision. Play hard, be a man, carpe diem, get results - the plaudits will inevitably follow. And damn it man - I want to like you! I really do, but you make it so hard with the kissing and the flopping and the whining and the. . .well, you get the picture.
  • Kljestan is really maturing as a midfield force. He's been showing flashes with the US in the China friendly and at the Copa, but it's with Chivas that his growth has been most evident. The kid is class in a way that should translate pretty well to the big stage. He thinks and plays quickly, hitting the one and two touch stuff with accuracy and pace; he can hold the ball up with clever dribbling; he can thread the needle with the pass; and, most importantly, he plays positively. None of this bat it about the middle third nonsense. When he gets the ball, he's looking to get forward with it. I loved seeing him throw his hands up in frustration after working the ball forward into the Galaxy half only for Galindo to fail to make the run outside of him to continue the attack. Death to Reyna-ball!
  • Smells Like [lack of] Team Spirit! All my DC United brethren out there will remember Gomito driving up to the Swamp with his family a few years back despite being suspended and eventually ending up with the traveling support banging on a drum. Now let's flash forward to the Galaxy M.A.S.H. unit in their suits and ties cracking jokes and staring at cell phones while their teammates are fighting for their playoff lives against their cross-town rivals. To be fair, Becks was starting to look pretty pissed off and distressed up in the skybox, but it's not hard to see why these guys are nailed to the bottom of the table.
  • One last US run-out for Razov? Yeah, yeah, he's over 30, he's locker room cancer, he's slow, he's past it, youth movement, he won't be around in 2010, focus on the future, Jozy, Jozy, Jozy. . .but - and this is huge - RAZOV IS A FINISHER!! Whatever else he may be, Ante is ready, willing, and able to take the shot - anytime, anywhere - and he puts a fair few in the net. At the moment, he's probably the closest thing to a seasoned, natural finisher that the US can boast of. And Bradley has always pulled him into the fold, wherever he's been.
  • Too bad it takes a Super Classico to bring the crowds for Chivas. Because that was a nice atmosphere they had going on in the Toolbox last night. Singing, banners, flags, smoke. This team is challenging for the Western Conference crown and may even make a run at the Supporters' Shield. Why are the seats empty for them, but packed with toned, tanned butts for the Galaxy? Well, we know the answer to the one, but this team deserves better support, particularly given how strong they are at home.
Oh, and because I love beating me some dead horse. SuperClub, Alexi? Really?

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