United Recap - Damn You Murphy!

Damn you and your stinking law to the fiery depths of Gehenna! After a three-goal flurry in the dying moments of the season finale at RFK, DC United felt the bitter sting of a 2-3 defeat at the hands of the Columbus Crew . . . the freakin' Columbus Crew. And thus it comes to pass that the unbeaten run stumbles to a miserable end, United's only two proven forwards feel their ankles twist painfully beneath them, and DC limps into the playoffs not having tasted victory since the halcyon days of September. Oh, you blessed time of five wins and two away draws, how the lingering touch of your sweetness lingers upon my very soul!

Positive points? Hold on a second, let me grab those rose colored shades. Well, at least there weren't any red cards and we didn't lose Perkins . . . yeah, yeah Benny and Gomez, blah, blah--but do you really want to see Nolly in the playoffs ? I guess we did get a couple of late goals as well, which is better than being shut out at home by a non-playoff side on the threshold of the post-season. Truth be told, if Hesmer doesn't keep out Benny's point blank strike early in the second, I think we go on to take this game. But on such moments do games turn, and in no sport more so than in futbol.

Absolutely the most terrifying thing for United has to be the return of the defensive breakdowns which haunted us early in the season. The first goal came from a failure to track a run from midfield (though to be fair, the through ball by Schelotto was lovely and Simms probably would have done better than Captain Argyle), while the second was a comedy of defensive errors (again to be fair--great finish on the volley). The third is the type of goal that happens when you're pushing numbers forward late on, though I never thought that it would matter as much as it did after Gomez got his second from the spot.

(As a side note here--what do you think we'd need to shop to Sigi to land Rogers? He can play either wing or as a forward in a pinch and proved he can get the ball in the net tonight. Boswell or Carroll plus picks?)

Now it's just a matter of waiting. Waiting to see how long Moreno and Emilio might be on the shelf, waiting to see who we're going to get in the first round, waiting for victories, waiting for a stadium, waiting, waiting, waiting. Deep, cleansing breaths everybody. Feel the tension relax out of your muscles. Get the picture in your mind. Ben and Jaime lifting the Cup in RFK in a month or so. Ah, there--isn't that better?

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