Damn it! I sure would have loved to play that Chicago Fire--you know, the 10-man version. "Ten men?" you ask, "but I don't recall any red cards last night?" Ah, but you did notice that great big Costa Rican dead weight that the Fire were dragging about like a giant albatross? Why, oh why, didn't we get to face the prospect of Wanchope up top for Chicago? He was a big, slow, useless backheeling machine out there--churning out lost possession after lost possession. Besides winning a few headers, he did absolutely nothing bar sabotaging any promising Chicago attack. Couple the mysterious inclusion of Wanchope with dumping their best pure predator, Chris Rolfe, into midfield again, and it's no wonder Chicago got blanked.


  1. I lost a lot of respect for Osorio after that match, between starting Wanchope and leaving Calen Carr on the bench for 87 minutes.

  2. Although it's not like Carr is a futboling genius, I'd have to agree. Wanchope was a big pile of guano out there and seemed to get less and less effective as the game wore on. I thought at the very least he should have been yanked at the half. Too bad Osorio chose to wait a week to have that sort of mental meltdown.