Tickle v. Tackle 26


Wednesday win again. And follow it up with a draw away to high-flying West Brom. Although the Owls are hovering uncomfortably just above the drop zone, they're also only a couple of victories away from being back in the hunt for the playoff places and the results are starting to turn for the better. Which type of season will we have this year? . . . In what should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, Frank Yallop is Bay-bound. Now, does Alexi stay--and, if he does, will anybody want to take the reins with his big red trigger finger itching to make the call on roster moves? . . . In other MLS coaching news, DC United North collapses like a house of cards as Arena gets the boot. Where will the rest of his old boys' club land as Red Bull shuffles the pack? Surely the Bruce wouldn't be insane enough to sign on with Lalas' Abomination? . . . This just in. Big Red has been trolling for "sexy" candidates, and it looks like he may have found his man. Hint: sexy and Bruce Arena travel different roads and never the twain shall meet.


DC crash out in the opening round of the MLS playoffs after shipping two goals in the first half of the second leg. Despite storming back late, the defensive miscues cost United dear and they fall early in a cup run yet again. Great in the league, woeful in cups--that needs to be fixed, and soon . . . The definition of woeful in cups, the Metrobulls, go out with a whimper again, though they seemed to be gaining the upper hand before Heaps unintentionally KO'ed Angel (he can even thug it up in his sleep, he's such a natural-born-hoodlum!) . . . Hmm, Brian Hall is the MLS ref of the year? Really? After that debacle of a sending off on national TV put a cap on yet another miserable season? Christ on a unicycle--if he's the best of a bad lot, I'm demanding a full refund . . . My local United boys are the walking wounded. Benny's on the shelf for surgery and my fellow Cumberland Valley alumnus, Josh Gros, may be done with his playing career . . . Ahhh, the Kansas City Wizards, putting the "bush" in bush league since 1996, just look at that seating chart and shed tears of joy if you're not a Wizards fan. The other six of you--you've got my heartfelt condolences.

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