Tickle v Tackle - Straight Outta Moria!


The Great DC United North purge is on up in the Swamp as Tino and Harkes follow the almighty Bruce out the door. Rumblings, unsubstantiated and from all indications completely unfounded--but rumblings none the less, have Arena wanting the Fire job. I say, have at it sir! Maybe DC will finally have a shot at beating them in the playoffs with Arena at the helm . . . Hmmm, seems Francisco Tobar is moving up in the world, or at least in the DC United organization. Could this be a reward for his efforts vis-à-vis the secret MLS Shirt-Naming Cap? Conspiracy! Conspiracy, I say! . . .


Alright, boys and girls, say it with me now, "Give me an 'M'! Give me an 'L'! Give me an 'S'! What's that spell? Bush league!" Sheesh--I know The Little Competition That Could is, by necessity, struggling up the hill under the Putin-like guidance of the totalitarian single entity, but still . . . Ugh. 2 out of 3 of the Prem-Soda Pop FA Cup showdowns on FSC last weekend saw the refs hand the big boys a man advantage--you'd think that the resources to pay a single player what the entire roster of a lower division club makes would be advantage enough. Hmmm, maybe that's the point. Enough with the bung scandal already, isn't it about time the English FA has to tuck into a side dish of match-fixing? . . . United's trend towards becoming less vertically challenged takes a severe blow with the impending acquisition of an Argentine straight outta Moria. Heck, at least he could be the speed and depth at forward that ticks off #3 of the 5 United additions I wanted for Christmas. Depth you say? Dude would be lucky to be able to stand up in the shallow end of the pool--but at least it looks like he'd be able to do it at pace. Ah, hyperbole, my fine and trusted friend . . .

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