DC United Reaction - Short and Sweet

So I just got my first look at the Thursday Night Futbol match. I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it by now, so I'll add my two cents in as short a format as possible . . .

* Emilio . . . ? Meet bench. Not sharp, not deadly, doesn't warrant a starting spot right now.

* Martinez is quality and played well despite being robbed of his pace by a niggling injury. Namoff had a good game as well. Peralta and Burch? Not so much. I have hope for Peralta, but I think Burch may be suffering from a touch of Boswell-itis. While we're on the defense--is it just me or does it look like Simms has far too much space to cover as the destroyer?

* Paging Doctor Olsen! We need a heart transplant . . . STAT! Well, okay, the fixture pileup plus the Crew packing it in may have severely injured the second half performance, but not having Benny out there to spark the fire didn't help.

* Columbus' fullbacks are the worst-coifed pair in MLS.

* Jesus, do I really hate that Alejandro Moreno.

So, in summary . . . ugh. My only comfort at the moment (besides a rather large bottle of Shiraz) is that if we rewind about a year or so, the picture bears a startling resemblance to the current one. DC and Houston were the pre-season favorites to be dominant forces, but came stumbling out of the gates. Sound familiar? Here's hoping for a similar recovery to proceed apace.

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