MLS Dogpile - Burn, Baby, Burn!

Bit of a quickie this week as life has intruded a bit . . .

Alpha Dog

1. (+1) Chicago Fire (WLWWW)
Hot, hot, hot, and the goal difference doesn't lie. Go to the head of the class on the Best Buy-mobile, do not pass go, do not collect $200 . . . say, isn't that about what a developmental player weekly paycheck amounts to? How the Conde mess isn't screwing with the Fire, I just don't know.

The Playoff Pack

2. (-1) Columbus Crew (WWWWW)
Not an entirely convincing win over the cellar dwellers, but a win nonetheless. Sigi's boys are getting the job done, but I'm not sure just how they're managing it. One thing's for certain, they just aren't as convincingly dominant as the Fire, so down the Pile they go!

3. (+2) New York Red Bulls (LDWDW)
The Bulls are starting to click. Missing their central midfield starters, they still managed to win on the road and continue their push up the table and up the Dogpile.

4. New England Revolution (LDWLW)
Twellers is back, and the bad memories of last week are laid to rest a bit. Now we'll have to see what a healthy Revolution can do against opposition that isn't quite as in the mire as Chivas seem to be.

5. (+1) Toronto FC (LWWWD)
A bye week, but inactivity gives them a boost up the Pile on the back of a strong recent run and Dallas' slip-up in Salt Lake.

6. (-3) FC Dallas (WWLDL)
Both sides had chances, but RSL managed to convert. Despite the loss, FCD still ride high in the West, and will look to put this result behind them, though no wins in the last three and rumors of a coach who may be doing a bit of pond-hopping have to be a worry--the Dogpile rankings agree.

7. (+4) Real Salt Lake (WLLDW)
Big result against Big D, but now the worry begins to set in. Will RSL manage to build on a positive result? This is the problem that has haunted the franchise all along--they can pull off impressive wins, but they can't seem to string them together. Something tells me that they might just get over the hump this time.

8. Kansas City Wizards (LDWLL)
A bye week and the Wizards are static. I was really tempted to drop them out of the Playoff Pack on the back of their recent struggles, but I'll give them this week to save their current status.

Bum-sniffing Omega Mutts

9. (+4) Houston Dynamo (DDLDW)
Well, it wasn't entirely convincing, but the Dynamo at last found a way to win. And in the West, just one victory is enough to put you in the running for the three automatic playoff bids. Can the Dynamo build on their fragile success? Now that they finally have a victory, only one loss in the last four seems a bit more impressive.

10. (-1) Colorado Rapids (WLLWL)
So close to a result that would have put them clear in the West, and yet so far. The Rapids are not a fantastic team, but they've got enough about them to be a playoff side. Providing, of course, that they ditch Clavijo before the playoff push begins in earnest. Otherwise, we all know what slippery slope awaits.

11. (-4) Los Angeles Galaxy (LDWDL)
I really ought to start taking a fantasy flyer on the scoring threats for teams about to face United, as I seem to have jinxed Donovan by plunking down the fantasy dollars for his services. Does a one-goal loss really merit such a drop? Well, Donovan seems to have gone off the boil (probably a couple of overcast days or some such nonsense), and they couldn't get the job done against a Red Bulls side with two missing starters and two gimpy ones. That, my friends, reeks of Omega Mutt.

12. (-2) DC United (LLWLL)
Two shots on goal at home? Whither the vaunted talent? Whither the league MVP from 2007? It's all going horribly wrong for United. Sure there's time to recover, but the congested summer is looming, and the Black-and-Red have yet to show any signs of coming together. Fortunately, Chivas are in even worse shape, and San Jose doesn't have enough on their roster to be truly competitive.

13. (+1) San Jose Earthquakes (LWLDL)
Oh, if not for that 10 minute stretch--they might have beaten the league leaders. But moments of switching off are what seasons are made of--just ask DC United, who just can't seem to kick the habit. Expansion Fever is taking it's toll, but then we all knew that it would, didn't we?

14. (-2) Chivas USA (LLLDL)
After a decent road draw last week, the tailspin continues for the Goats. They need defensive help, and they need it fast!

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