Adios, Frank O'Neal!

Alas for Franco Niell--the dwarf (or gnome, hobbit, halfling . . . whatever floats your coracle) has boarded the slow boat home to Argentina. Hey, maybe we'll get one of those "ships passing in the night" deals, and he'll be able to find out whatever happened to our other backup forward, Francis Doe? Any word yet on that visa?

Which brings me around to what's coming up here on FBF. With all of this roster talk, I'm thinking that next week will be the ideal time to take a gander back at those "What I Want For Christmas" roster changes that I detailed in the off-season and bring them up to date in time for the summer transfer window and the state of DC United at the halfway point. Hmmm, perhaps I'll call it "Christmas in July"?

Stay tuned after the weekend's recaps and reactions, Dogpiles and Table Talk . . .

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