MLS Table Talk - It's All About the Parity

The Revs edge out in front despite only adding a point this week, but the Fire have two games in hand, and Columbus has one as well. The leading trio is being reeled back in by the rest of the league as TFC and the Rapids close the gap, and the three other Western Conference playoff sides are hot on their heels. DC and RSL have leapt from the bottom-feeders club to join the five-way scrum beneath the playoff sides, leaving only expansion San Jose adrift by three points at the foot of the table.

The points-per-game table is in a similar muddle, with Chicago remaining the only 2+ points per game team on 2.11. Stretched out behind them are the rest of the East's top dogs--the Crew, the Revs, and TFC, while Colorado has a slight edge on an amorphous pack consisting of both LA sides, the Red Bulls, and Houston. Slightly behind are KC, Dallas, and RSL, with DC and San Jose propping up the table with their sub point-per-game ineptitude.

Goals, Goals, Goals!
Chicago and the Galaxy continue atop the leader board, netting at least twice per game, with only the revitalized Chivas at 1.7 being anywhere close. At the other end, it's still struggling San Jose that can't find the net with any consistency, their 0.78 marking the only side that can't manage a goal per game. Defensively, Chicago are the unmatched masters at 0.67. The closest challengers are the table-topping Revs at 1.18. And DC matched their season average this week with 2 goals surrendered to New England. They continue to be the only side shipping two or more per game.

What Does the Future Hold?

It's all about the parity. Note that: as bad as DC's woeful start to the season has been, they're still only 10 points back of the leaders, New England, with both having played 11 games. While TFC are making a push to get into that lead pack, only five points separate Colorado in 5th from DC United in 13th. That makes 9 of the fourteen clubs in contention for admission to the playoff pack! Of course, MLS does have its crazy conference mumbo-jumbo that makes the math a little fuzzier, but it's still an impressive pileup. Should any of those sides put a few results together, they'll make a dramatic improvement in their league standing.

Well, that's about all the Table Talkin' that I have time for today. Have at it, dear readers! Anybody see anything of further interest in the numbers?

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