Tickle v. Tackle - Run For the Border Edition

Mexican Nats

Tickle - Oh, that Oswaldo Sanchez! When he's not being a jingoistic, petty, sore loser with anger issues, he's busy fighting the cops in hotel rooms. Alright, so "resisting" might not be actual fighting. I'm guessing that one of Chicago's finest was dashing past him to grab a hooker or something, and Sanchez made a lunge to try and trip him. Gee, where have I seen that before? He should probably patent that move. And speaking of sore-loser-itis . . .

Tackle - What do you think the Mexican reaction will be to the US going 0-0 against an Argentina team the Mexicans lost to 4-1 just days prior? Option 1 - The US played like scared children and grandmothers, while we, the mighty Tricolores, played like men . . . like macho, macho men. Option 2 - "Just wait till we sic our Sven on you!" (to the tune of that Hanes jingle). Option 3 - We tired them out for you. Option 4 - But you were playing at home! (to the uproar of laughter from American soccer fans). But the real difference for me? Tim Howard, plain and simple.

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