USA Reaction - A Micro Brew

Well, considering I'm a couple of days late here and that much has already been said in the interim, I'll just enumerate a couple of talking points that I took from the USA-Argentina nil-nil draw . . .

* Freddy is ready, Grown Ass Man should see said ass hit the pine. For a team that often lacks a creative attacking spark, the inclusion of Freddy into the regular cast showing up for Nats duty needs to happen sooner rather than later. His coming on for EJ should be a metaphorical changing of the guard. The Grown Ass Man needs to take a seat until he can figure out how to find the net again, though I was encouraged over the course of the three friendlies by a more aggressive attitude and improved first touch from EJ.

* Timmy Howard is the difference between life and death against the big boys of world futbol. When it comes to reaction saves, Timmy has got to be up there with the best in the world. We're in safe hands for the next few years.

* The back line is almost sorted. Cherundolo on the right, Pearce on the left should be a given after this last match. The questions remaining? Can Pearce get the regular club ball he needs to continue his advancement? Are Onyewu and Bocanegra the best pairing we have at center back? I've still got questions about those two when it comes to distribution and smarts at the back, but for now a back four of Dolo, Gooch, Boca, and Pearce seems decent enough for qualifying.

* Was Bradley Jr.'s yanking too long in coming? He hasn't been particularly impressive for me over the last three games, and I don't see that he brings too much else to the party that others in better form might. Why not give some others a shot?

So, where does that leave us for the Barbados qualifier? And do red-card suspensions for friendlies carry over into actual competitive matches? Not that we really need Mastroeni to break up the mighty Barbados attack. And what was he sent off for anyway? Whatever the case, I'm hoping to see more of Donovan + Adu, because I think that could be huge for the US--two players that read the game very well and can take the pressure off of the other to be the sole creative force in the attack. Onward to the Qualies!

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