Red Bulls Dumpster Diving

For the third time this season, United has picked an ex-Red Bull off the MLS scrap heap, adding midfielder Joe Vide to the roster. Of course, Vide doesn't come to us direct from the Bulls, but in some ways that's even more disturbing. He was waved by the expansion Quakes after only five appearances for a club with a wafer-thin roster.

Not a promising sign.

On the other hand, in his time with the Bulls he seemed a competent enough midfielder who could hit a decent ball and make a tackle or two. Someone with decent MLS experience who can cover for Simms can't hurt, and anybody with the potential to come between Dyachenko and the field is a bonus in my book.

I'm not exactly turning backflips over this one--I'll reserve that for the addition of a competent goalkeeper, a speedy winger, or a viable third option at centerback. But as pickups go, it's not a terrible one. It addresses an area where we could use a little depth, and he's probably not going to eat up too much cap space [Update: He's on 33k]. Besides, didn't we need another Cavalier to fill out our quota anyway ;-)?

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